Nothing Today Really and Taking A Moment Of What Is Happening Tomorrow…

Today has been one of those days I was glad to have time for myself without having services from IDS. Since today is Memorial Day, the only service I got this morning was my shower at 9 AM. After 10 AM, the day was all mine. I decided to watch some recorded Law & Order: SVU episodes most of the day along with reading a good book on my Kindle reader. I rarely texted anyone today and allowed friends and family to have a little break from me. With friends not hearing from me does not mean that I was giving them a little gift I call peace and quiet, I wanted to very quiet day. This weekend has proved to somewhat challenging when it came to what was on my mind. Sleep was not that hard to find but I do have to admit that my I was not 100% easy to find, though. I think I am going to talk to my IDS worker MM about it when I see her in the morning. I will be seeing DB on Thursday for food prep this week since today is Memorial Day and the IDS office is closed and DB’s work schedule could not include until our schedule resumes Thursday morning at 9:00 AM or shortly thereafter.

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