This Friday

Today being Friday, I am definitely looking forward to Sabbath coming when sundown finally arrives. I have been looking forward to going to church every Sabbath lately and see my church family (either the Janesville or Beloit Church). My membership is at the Beloit SDA church, though. As for my day, I had my shower at 9 AM – 10 AM and I looked forward to my shower and getting dressed for the day (comfortable clothes). I paid my bills online and got my rent check taken care of, got my mail, and paid my friend RS half of the I.O.U. I was loaned last month when I learned I did not have any money left in my account and found out both accounts went into the red for the first time. I was embarrassed and anxiety seemed to play its ugly game with me. Let’s say I panicked. Thanks RS and mom for the money so I had enough for the rest of the month for groceries. I can live without money but I cannot live without food for almost two weeks, can I? Nope, no one can. All of my bills are paid. Woo hoo!

My shower gal left at 10 AM leaving to pay my bills online, get my rent check taken care of, and I go for a little walk and visit to RS’s to give her half of the money I owe she has loaned me last month, and then spend the rest of the day doing what I love doing. I did not expect to take a 2- hour nap, though. That was a surprise after not taking a nap for four days in a row. I think what happened – I mediated while watching TV. Even with a nap, I decided to go to bed at 8 PM so I can be ready for church and my day tomorrow morning. I am going to say good night. Good night,

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