Weekend Thoughts Starting

The Weekend Has (Almost) Begun

Well…the weekend will not begin until after 10 AM for me today when my shower gal leaves at 10 AM. In the meantime, I have plans this weekend and that is going to church Saturday and Sunday morning this weekend. I have a ride coming tomorrow around 9:15 AM and at 7:30 AM Sunday morning. I do not have any major plans except a shower in the afternoon this weekend until Monday morning. I am going to take advantage of this weekend as I have two doctor appointments (one in town and one out of town). I may not like going to Madison for appointments but I do like my Madison doctors who watch over my health. I am so looking forward to Sabbath (as always). I will be among friends and my “church family”. I will be seeing everyone at the Beloit SDA church for the last time until the 2nd Sabbath of July as there is a scheduled camp meeting at a place called Camp Wakonda a couple of hours away from here or so for the Sabbaths of the 18th and 25th with meetings the entire week. I will not be going unless my friends JC, TC, and CC end up going for the day on Sabbath. I have to wait and see.

Now My Weekend Has Begun

BS has been gone for six hours now and I talked to MM from IDS for about thirty minutes or so. My weekend has begun. Woo hoo! Sabbath will be here shortly when the sun sets for the night before sunrise. I am ready for my weekend.


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