Okay, I understand that the President of the United States is not my parents’ favorite person right now (or never has been).  I am talking about my New Mexico parents (I have two sets).  I am talking about my mom and her husband who I love very much.  Don’t worry, I love my AR parents as well (Dad and his wife) very much, too.  Okay…politics is one of the worst subjects to talk about when it comes to many people in the country BECAUSE IT BRINGS OUT THE WORST IN PEOPLE.  I am learning that secondhandedly and VERY fast when it comes to my mother and her husband.  Never will I ever talk politics with both of them ever again.  They have NOTHING nice to say about President Obama whereas I have not decided if I do or not (like him).  My take on politics is neutral…I won’t share my feelings with anyone.  I cannot hate or dislike easily.  I do not take to change easily if it is sprung onto me but I can ease into it as time continues to go forward. Honestly? I am feeling sick right now so I have taken my meds early and going to see if I can relax my stomach from the political talk I had with my mom or heard her distaste of President Obama, Hilary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders.  This is why I find voting so hard to do now compared to when I voted years ago when I first started voting.  Why bother?  HELP!

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