Today Is My Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 46th birthday. Woo hoo! My parents will be here around 9 AM CST for breakfast. I am excited to see them even though I am a little bit nervous at the same time. 46 years ago I was born in Janesville, Wisconsin. I have received birthday wishes and a couple of cards already, and I will be going out to eat at the Olive Garden on Thursday with Pastor Van and his wife CV. I have some birthday wishes coming in on Facebook from friends.

Birthday Breakfast With Parents

Boy oh boy what a busy day it has been! My dad and his wife came for my birthday celebration and had breakfast with me. I had gotten a nice card – a cute one in face – with $100 for spending when I figure out what I want for my birthday. I still have some Christmas money from them as well. After breakfast my parents and I discussed eating habits (what would be best to take out of my diet), and I even got a little scolded about a couple of things that were just typical daughter/parent actions. Yes, I am still a little rebellious with my Arkansas parents. My parents brought a cake…loaded with sugar so I know what is going to happen the next couple of days (today and tomorrow). As of July 5, 2016, I will be cutting out sugar, noodles, breads, and rice out of my diet. Yes, I going on a better eating regimen after tomorrow.

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