A Quickie

Oh, my goodness gracious another day has gone by … not as quickly as I hoped thankfully but quick enough.  Where did my day go?  I can definitely say that it was not exactly 100% lazy but lazy enough, lol.  I did some organizing on my computer to better organize myself in hopes that doing so on my computer can get me to organize better in my home.  I did sleep 12 hours and 30 minutes.  That is a first in a long time.  I was ready to get going by between 8:45 AM – 9 PM.  I did not want to really sleep my day away.

With some of my organization done on my computer…not done yet…I will be taking my evening meds shortly and going to bed soon after.  I watched – or listened – to TV all day long and finally shut it off for the night.

I have had my afternoon shower at 2 PM, got in some comfortable pajamas, and talked to my mom on the phone for a while.  Yes, every Sunday I talk to my mom unless we plan something different.  Tomorrow is another day and I am, for the most part, looking forward to it.

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