Why Does It Bother Someone So Badly?

Okay, the evening did end just fine as far as VBX was concerned but it did not seem to end on a good feeling for me when it came to someone who was telling me to tone it down on posting things on Facebook.  This someone I really like as a person in the Christian realm of life and as a fellow Christian who is an Adventist like me.  It can be so frustrating at times that I thought I would be crying as soon as I hit home and not with anyone but my good ol’ snuggling cat Bing Crosby.

I will NOT stop posting things on my Facebook page just because one person, who has told me twice, to limit how many postings I post, since it is MY Facebook page.  Everyone posts for different reasons and I know some of my friends and family on Facebook post more than I do.  I am going to keep going the way I have been going despite what this one person stated twice.  If he later deletes me as a friend on Facebook, it is his loss and not mine.  I am kind of saying this in an unsavory tone of voice at the moment because this popped up again.  I need to calm down now.


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