I Want Off the Roller Coaster Now, Please!

I will never give up.  NEVER!  I do have to admit that time has been a major factor in my life for the past several days – last Sunday to the present day actually.  I am still riding that roller coaster I will love to get off.  Lately things have moving forward despite what has been happening all around me.  Tears have been shed, laughter has been found, plans go on ahead — scheduled or not.  Despite the roller coaster ride I have been on, I can say that there are rays of sunshine along the way.  Thank goodness for God’s presence being a part of my life no matter what.

I know it is only Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday but I am already not looking forward to seeing BS, my shower gal Friday and all weekend AND Monday morning.  It has NOT pleasant lately having her here.  She has become unbearable to be with.  Last week she told me to have the air conditioner on when she comes.  She did not ask me to have the air conditioner on.  She says that when I use the word “we” I am being bossy.  Almost Family is here to do a service and the word “we” is not being bossy.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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