Life Goes On No Matter What

I am still riding that roller coaster.  My PCW from Almost Family RK wants me to pray for BS, be patient with her, keep her as my shower gal.  She has been bugging me about it and that is making me feel more uncomfortable and upset with BS being here all the more.  My DSP (Direct Support Professional) from IDS DB came today to do food prep and clean more from not finishing Monday.  Almost Family and IDS share time for a little while on Thursdays (overlap).  When RK is here, DB and RK get along great.  Last week BS took over on Thursday DB felt her life being sucked right out of her for the twenty minutes BS was here because of overlapping time.

To add to my roller coaster ride, my air conditioner decided to drip.  I could not understand why so I had manager KR come to take a look at it.  We got the maintenance man to come this afternoon to take care of the problem.  When J took off the cover of the A/C there was ice between the cover and the A/C itself.  J and I were both shocked about the ice being there.  J took out the A/C to clean it, get me another one from an empty apartment after cleaning the replacement, and put it in…setting me up with the replacement before he left to do some more work orders or leave.

Now, every Thursday evening around 6:30 PM, RS and I go up to the third floor to visit another neighbor CS for a little while.  After visiting with CS, RS and I went to visit another neighbor a little while because Sport pup was with the neighbor and her dog Baby Girl.  Then I came home a little before 10 PM.

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