Some Thought On Thursday August 11, 2016 – A Good Day

Today was a little different than most Thursdays as far as food preparation is concerned.  I did not have food preparation today because my freezer is full of food from a place called Meal Magic which is run by a Bethel Baptist member named TL.  TL and her husband RL have come up with this some time back to help people eat healthier and better – something of TL’s memories of her mother I believe.  Please do not quote me on it because I can be incorrect.  My mouth is hard to open for a dentist because I have such a small mouth and teeth so I believe I could not put my foot in my mouth either, lol.             

Tomorrow I have the new PCW – not new per se but new working with me.  I am excited and nervous at the same time but not afraid now.  With BS gone as my PCW as of Monday, August 8th was BS’s last day with me.  I am glad of that.  I have had bad dreams about BS coming when she is not supposed to anymore and calling other PCW’s to say that I am a liar and doing her best at getting other PCW’s to see that I am a bad and bossy  – zs person, and has tried to harm my cat Bing Crosby but thankfully they are dreams.  My subconscious mind was at work working out its fears and understanding what needed to be done a long time ago but I promised Almost Family that I would hang in there as long as I could for myself and them.  When an opportunity came after RM’s death I felt it necessary to get some changes taken care of since BS was getting on my case about everything and I mean EVERYTHING since one Friday and through 4-H Fair week when she took over for an absentminded PCW and I had her for the entire week and weekend.

Today was a good day.  It was hot of course but okay.  Having lunch from Subway at home was a treat for me and DB my IDS worker we call DSP’s (Direct Support Professional).  I also went to visit a neighbor for a while – without my phone of course and I went outside to visit with other neighbors who had their dogs outside playing – not in that specific order, though.  Anyway, after visiting my neighbor CS upstairs until almost 9 PM I came home to take my medication and go to bed for the night snuggling with a very cuddling cat named Bing Crosby. I could not have asked for more!

I am usually very insightful and observant but I do miss things from time to time but that is not often.  I have learned to control what I observe because I cannot shut it off at any time I want.  I am so happy to be able to have rest from observing while sleeping.                                                                        

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