A Good Day

I am not going to argue how my day went today.  It did seem a little off kilter a little bit but it was not all bad nor was it a horrible day today.  Today is Sabbath until sundown and I am a Sabbath keeper, a Seventh-day Adventist.  The only thing I did wrong today during Sabbath was buy a calzone from Prime Time pizza for supper before Sabbath was over.  I admit that I have done something I should not have done.  I will pray to God about that most definitely later when I am ready.

Before church every Saturday or Sunday morning (if I go to church on Sundays) I always find time to get on Facebook and see what is going on, do some communication and posting, and done for the rest of the morning until I get home unless I sneak a peek while at church posting Bible verses that have touched me in some way or another during Sabbath School an Worship service and that comes often in my life — every week to be very honest with you.  I always do my best to have at least an hour of computer time before going to church and before my shower gals come during the week because I am finding less time when with my schedule sometimes.  Once again I have a busy week ahead that starts on Monday (my work week) and Tuesday I have a podiatry appointment because i have a reoccurring callous that gets taken care of by my favorite podiatrist Dr. A.  I’d rather have a professional work on my feet than doing it myself.  Anyway, that is my time.  Other times Bing might be napping on the desk chair…I do not have computer time.

One thing happened before leaving for church this morning.  My Fitbit Flex battery died completely so I plugged it in to charge it for a while to get through the rest of the day, afternoon, and evening.  I thought that it could have waiting until I got home church but it didn’t want to so I charged it for an 1 1/2 before leaving allowing it to charge enough to last so it can be changed up all the way tomorrow morning when I get up.  So far that has been the plan…a good one in hopes that it will be in sight.

Now, church has been a good one.  I am so glad that NMS made it to church today with JM.  Even though I feel NMS and I do not see eye to eye about a friend of ours I have decided to walk away from because she is now living with ex-husband and wife AR, I am always glad to see NMS get to church because she does not get there too often.  Seeing her there today made my heart swell with happiness.  What NMS and I do not see eye to eye on is not just about a friend of ours.  I do keep my distance from her to the extent of seeing her in the public areas of Burbank Plaza apartments such as the mail area, the lobby, in the hallway, and the community room.  I rarely call her anymore unless it is important like I did on Monday to tell her that a Beloit SDA church member passed away on Tuesday (or Wednesday) and it was our friend CR.  Next Sunday afternoon is his funeral at the Beloit SDA church.  I hope I can go.

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