Feeling I Am Behind On Journaling

Even though Dear Diary is back up and running again, as of yesterday, I do have to admit that I am feeling a little behind on my journaling/diary.  When I really want to write in my diary it seems that we have things happening online because of servers and other issues that are of no one’s fault but an occasional downtime.  It can be mind boggling and   frustrating.  No, I am not complaining or feeling that unforeseeable circumstances just do not always work with my way of thinking due to anxiety.  Even today I noticed that my IDS worker DB seemed a little moody to some extent while we were at the grocery store shopping only for three things.  I did not know what I wanted or really needed the entire weekend.  Then on our way … I believe it was home from the store … that DB’s oldest cat Angel had passed away on Friday.  Oh my goodness – sad indeed even though she was okay with Angel passing away because she died of old age and DB always tells me that its “the way of life”.  I still feel bad, though.  My heart aches with understanding of losing a pet/family member with fur.  In DB’s case, it was an 18 year old female cat who lived a good life with DB.  I need to get back to journaling more.

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