Questioning One’s True Status

I will be very honest here.  I am questioning someone’s true status on Facebook right now.  I will not give the name of this person except for the gender being a male.  Believe me when my radar is going and caution flags are up and center.  Today I befriended a gentleman who happens to be the same age as myself – born the same year I was – and the only mutual friend he has of mine is a church member friend from Beloit SDA church as well.  This gentleman is supposedly in Afghanistan and will be returning back to the states in November.  He communicated with me all day today wanting a relationship with someone who will spend the rest of their lives together.  Umm, I have been told there is a scam going on here.  Red flags are up in the air and I am not sure if this guy is for real.  I really have questions about the authenticity of this guy.  I am questioning this one’s true status right now.  Hmm, I have been fooled before and I feel he is not the real thing…not at all the real thing.  I have some serious thinking to do.  I will make a decision by tomorrow afternoon.

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