Thank Goodness For Fridays…

I am so glad that the weekend has arrived although Sabbath does not start until sundown this evening. I am so looking forward to Sabbath and going to church in the morning with some real good friends – T, J, and C. I have no major plans this weekend otherwise. The weather has been decent today…not hot for the second day of September. The idea of wanting to wear my favorite dress to church in the morning is probably not going to happen after all. I will wear my best jeans and a nice t-shirt to church tomorrow instead.

Anyway I had my shower at 9 AM this morning, got dressed for the day, and then went up (after 11 AM) to CS’s place to get my water bottle I realized I forgot once I got downstairs to my place last night. I knew it was safe (my water bottle) for the night and I really wanted to get to bed after writing my diary entry for the day…or entries…whatever came first. Otherwise I did not go anywhere today or too far from home…stayed in the building.

As for the rest of my day I watched or listened to Law and Order: SVU, watched some recorded TV programs such as Law and Order (the first show that came out in 1990), watched Chris Hanson’s Killer Instinct, and a cartoon I recorded on Disney channel. Before Sabbath began I did some secular reading and when Sabbath finally arrived, I put the book down and called my friends Pastor Van and his wife CV and ended up getting an unexpected update about Carol being in the hospital overnight because of her heart condition called attack arcadia. She told me that it is going to be okay. A lot of people have this condition. After talking to CV for a while I finished watching an Law and Order episode I had recorded began watching a second episode. I have decided to go to bed and be rested up for Sabbath morning so I am going to say good night and God bless.

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