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I do have to admit that it is tough for me to forget some things and those “some” things is being hurt emotionally so badly that trust has been pushed aside or lost for good.  I have really done it this time yesterday bringing up something to my dad’s wife SGK when I should have kept it quiet or secret after all these years and NEVER brought it up.  What happened years ago between certain family in PA was never told to my parents in AR because I knew for a fact they did not really happen and if I told anyone about what really happened I would be deemed a liar and the PA family would be deemed telling the truth.  What has been brought up in conversation the other day that was text to my dad’s wife was not understood by her and she was confused.  She told me that they do not even mention anything anymore about what happened to her is because it is in the past and I was told that I was having trouble letting go of the past.  If only my AR parents knew the real truth and believed me for once that I was emotionally hurt enough that it is unforgettable and practically unforgivable.  I just know for a fact that my AR parents are going to be sorry one day when things do come to light and I have been telling the truth all this time and couldn’t say anything because I was told not to or there will be problems.  I felt like it was a threat more so than anything as well as a promise, and that is why I have not said anything.  Now that I have, I am still an outsider looking in…the black sheep of the family all because of something I am not to my AR parents…a person who was born imperfect.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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