A Visit From My Parents

Okay, today was a very busy day for me.  In fact i had postponed my ride to the clinic to get labs drawn for my doctor Dr. S. until Friday.  I have been up since 6:30 AM because I have my parents coming at 9 AM.  Yes, my parents from AR have been in Wisconsin all summer long now and were here for my birthday on the 3rd of July.  Well…they came today for breakfast.  They brought breakfast from Dunkin Donuts this morning.  We had a nice visit most of the visit.  I felt awkward though but what’s new with my parents from AR.  They did notice that I have lost 21 pounds or at least they noticed I lost weight.  I do love my parents even though they seem to be tough loving me all the time.  I just do not like it when I am not being heard or considered a person stretching the truth a bit.  I am no longer a child or a teenager.  I am a grown woman who still feels she needs to rebel against her parents because of things being said that are reminders of my younger days.  All in all it was a nice visit.

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