My Tuesday Today on 10/4/16

Please excuse me but I am feeling a little behind and I have no reason to be as each day comes and goes as it does whether or not I am ready.  With yesterday being a busy day all day long until 3 PM or so, I do have to admit that today was busy from 8:30 AM to 2:15 PM because I had an appointment at Mercy Hospital.  I had my first of three iron infusions.  After my appointment I went to lunch downstairs at the hospital’s cafeteria.  Within minutes KS and her husband RS (RS telling KWS that I think that’s KK (me).  The next thing I knew without knowing they were there but I thought I recognized the back of KS KS came over to see me and finish her lunch with me.  We snapped a picture for JKS, my friend and RS and KS’ daughter to show that KS ran into me at lunch at the hospital this afternoon.

After lunch I went upstairs up to wait for my ride to head back home for the day and get ready for Prophecy Seminar meeting at 7 PM and my ride arrives around 6 PM or shortly afterward.

I am writing this entry a little early.

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