Made Another Change

Okay… I have done it. I have changed out my modem and password. No one is getting my password except for one person and that one person has it now. With what has been happening with RS right now trust has been misplaced since her boyfriend is in the picture. All I can do for now for RS is to pray for her. I have heard some things that have proven my feelings about what RS is doing right now is going way too fast in a relationship and that is something I cannot worry about anymore. I understand that someone needs to be loved, love someone, and feel loved but RS’ relationship is bothering others right now and just myself. I have no control of anyone but myself and right now I have to take care of myself and keep my family, church family, and close friends in the loop of what is going on. I just hope my brother and his wife, and family do not get wind of what is going on with me right now. That is definitely the last thing I want right now. My brother has chosen which way he wanted to go practically 9 years ago now and I feel his choice was not the greatest choice he has ever made in his life. That is the way I feel about RS right now. She is not making wise choices right now and does not see – is blind – about this relationship.

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