More Thoughts on a Neighbor Who Was Once a Friend

My trust in RS has not rekindled whatsoever. She has not come to me to apologize for her boyfriend’s behavior instead got mad at me for reporting her boyfriend to management because of his noise after quiet hours keeping me awake after 11 PM until early morning hours. With my emotional health going everywhere because of my physical health is questionable in areas such as my transplanted kidney on its way out after almost 30 years, RS’ behavior is something I wish not to be a part of any longer. I am going to let her hang herself by breaking the rules where we both live right on her own. I have learned on Friday that RS’ attitude has changed and she has become a whole new person and the same RS we once knew. Her boyfriend is questionable so when I changed out my modem and password I did the right thing to protect myself just in case her boyfriend is not who he says he is. I do question RS’ relationship with her boyfriend as well as others who are R’s friends here at Burbank Plaza but she has to see for herself that her boyfriend is not who he really is. Something is off about him and I’m not the only one who senses this. When I first met him a couple of weeks ago I found him loud, obnoxious, not all handsome – actually ugly – the homeless type. RS met him while on errands outside the building and he was on the streets when she met him. His appearance looks like he does not care for himself very well – dirty looking. He made me sick upon meeting him that one afternoon.

Ever since I had complained against RS from breaking one of the rules of the building I have not really been out of my apartment visiting with other neighbors except for a couple of times. I do not travel to the second or third floor right now because I do not want to run into RS personally because I am still hurt by her actions she had displayed along with an attitude a Christian woman would not display in her right mind. I have been keeping to myself lately since I will be going to the hospital on the 15th for a couple of days or so after having a procedure – fistula placement for hemodialysis in the future once my transplanted kidney has come to the point that I need to start using dialysis (an artificial kidney). I do not get sick with the flu or a bad cold before my fistula placement procedure at our local hospital Mercy. I have to take care of myself right now and not be bothered by other people and their personal issues when I have my own personal issues to contend with right now. The past ten months have been emotional and busy.

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