My Thoughts of the Day & Another Political Thought

I went to church today after being in the hospital two days Tuesday – Thursday. I really had a very busy day yesterday. I had a revolving door all day yesterday from 9 AM to 5 PM or at least it seemed so. I am still tired and wanting to get out of the apartment for a while and be with friends and church members I consider family. My arm is doing okay. No infection at this time but I sure do feel my arm now with the incision. I find it amazing actually.

I called my friend SG tonight and learned something that happened Friday. When my nurse from Almost Family came and the admitting nurse from Mercy Home Health came to get me into the system for a while. Both nurses told me that there was an ambulance and fire truck in our driveway and a tenant was being put into the ambulance. SG told me it was RS who was taken to the hospital because of an infection in her leg. RS has not been listening to her friends because of her relationship with this man who seems sketchy to most of us. Right now SG has RS’ dog Sport and apparently RS’ boyfriend comes over to help take Sport out. I just wish that man would not even be here whatsoever. Something about him seems off and he rubs many tenants the wrong way. RS has NOT been taking care of herself whatsoever. Now RS is in the hospital with an infection. For some reason, even though I am praying for RS, I feel that her health is questionable and she is putting herself in her own place as far as getting sick and I do not feel sorry for her at all. I know my feelings toward RS are raw from what is going on with RS and her relationship with other tenants here, along with me, but I’ve had enough of her attitude and not being the Christian she has professed to be before meeting her boyfriend and now is doing a lot of things of the world. I know of a dear friend and neighbor who will be very disappointed in RS right now.

Another Political Thought

I have been thinking about what I have written on November 13, 2016. I am not here to anger anyone or give anyone heck about their political views. I do not care if someone is a Democrat, Republican, or have no place in the political realm of life. I just very tired of all the bickering and political posts on Facebook bashing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in some way or another. The Presidential election this year was divided this year worse than any other election. President Barack Obama has done his eight years, Hillary Clinton DID NOT win the election no matter how unfair she may think the election was and I did not even listen to the debates or watch the news regarding the two running for the next President of the United States because they were both acting like children and not answering the questions they were asked. If I am incorrect on this, I am still entitled to my opinion about Clinton and Trump rather or not the posts on Facebook are true or not. I am an American who has feelings and health issues right now and my political views the past eight years have been hard to talk about because I love God very much and have been focusing on my spiritual life more than what is happening in the world as well as my physical and emotional health.

I do have this one friend on Facebook…name will not used…who is not happy about the election results and she has stated on Facebook that if you do not see anymore posts from her it is because she has deleted your friendship and blocked you. I have, since then, been careful about crossing the line with her. She has already deleted and blocked a friend because of a comment my friend’s husband has stated on a post and my friend was NOT the one who wrote the comment. I have found that, ever since I have heard about it, bad and childish. I had learned this morning before leaving for church that another good friend of mine has decided to leave Facebook for a while because the election has gotten so many people so upset that she could not stand anymore. I surely do not blame my friend whatsoever. I hope she returns to Facebook for a while.

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