A Great, Wonderful, Horrible Mess

I am not a very happy tenant right now.  The neighbor who lives above me, who was once a wonderful friend of mine, has had her toilet overflow and it has come down into my bathroom and part of the apartment outside my bedroom door.  I have definitely lost my patience with RS now and I am so glad she is not in my personal/private life any longer.  Since RS has had her boyfriend there has been nothing but trouble late at night, now the toilet overflowing today of all days.  Two days before Thanksgiving and I have a great, wonderful, horrible mess in my bathroom and partly off the kitchen area by my bedroom.  I just wish that RS would get her head together and stop being such a little jerk.  Because I am a Christian I am doing my best at not shooting off obscenities out of my mouth but I have already failed that a little while ago.

Author: ksmiley

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