My Sunday At Home Today

It is Sunday and we have our first snowfall today.  I do not know how many inches yet because it is supposed to snow all day long until late evening.  Wisconsin has a very white ground at this time.  No big deal.  This is our first snowfall this winter, and I am glad to see snow now even though I do not like wintry cold days as much as the next person does.  I have had my shower at 2 PM today with RK and tomorrow I will have another shower at 9 AM with MP.  It was a great day to stay indoors and watch TV and relax allowing others to go outside and do their stuff.  No, I did not step outside at all today.

I talked to my mom this afternoon after my shower gal RK left.  We talked about things that were bothering me a bit about my stepfather, and believe it or not, my mom told me if I am have been happy with my phone provider I should stay with them, and I am to ignore my stepfather.  Apparently he has been a stinker all weekend with his attitude with my mom.  My stepfather will never grow up, lol.  Do we not have to grow up sometime?  Oh well, that’s my stepfather 100%, LOL

I feel I had a very good day.  I cannot ask for more.

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2 thoughts on “My Sunday At Home Today”

    1. Today I wish I could go out and build a snowman myself, but with using a walker, I could not do that right now. I would have loved to go out in the falling snow and go make snow angels as well but getting up is something I cannot do by myself anymore either due to aging cerebral palsy.

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