Another Need To Vent

Okay, this is part of the my last diary entry actually so forgive me for venting once again about RS and her boyfriend.  I know it is getting old but like I said, I find it very hard to really like the guy and he is creepy, and unkempt, and he does smell of body odor big time.  If RS is marrying her boyfriend and he ends up living here, I am going to definitely be very unhappy for a while until RS moves out.  I have come to find out from a friend of mine in the building that RS and her boyfriend are going to live in Texas, and they are planning on going to Texas for a visit.  Ummm, how?  My friend said by plane and I thought where are they going to get the money.  As we sit and talk about this boyfriend of RS’ there is nothing really nice about him.  He’s a liar and someone we feel RS is blinded by.  Meeting him on the street while running an errand one day several weeks ago is how RS met him and they have been pretty much together since then.  He is practically living here and is a part of RS’ life whether I like it or not and that is fine with me but trusting him is going to be very difficult right now.  I just wish RS would just move out.  I have a feeling he is keeping her from family and friends only when he thinks it’s fine.  Is he controlling?  If he is, RS is blind at a bat about it!  Her boyfriend tells tall tales and is one big fat liar – an ugly sort of a man who is not handsome at all.  He thinks he’s smarter than Albert Einstein who had an IQ of 145 or something like that.  RS’ boyfriend said to others that he had an IQ of 185.  Okay?  I doubt it very much.  Does he have a place of his own or is he constantly staying with friends in the area of Janesville?  He rides a bike everywhere and the bike is a girl’s bike by the way.  RS’ boyfriend is very odd and not trustworthy.  Even last month, not knowing what he does online, I had changed out my cable WIFI modem out and changed the password so that RS or her boyfriend can get online from my modem anymore.  I do not know if he looks at pornography or child porn, and if he does look at child porn, my IP address IS NOT going to be caught doing something it shouldn’t be doing.  I’ve already had a neighbor who used my modem to get online in the community room until the manager found out that he was looking at pornography while using my modem.  Once I learned this, I stopped that immediately and got a lock on my modem.  The neighbor was upset about it and demanded some money back but I told him that under the circumstances he has lost his money since it was at the end of the month he came to me about it.  If this neighbor was looking at child pornography using my modem, I would have been the one in big trouble so I did the right thing with RS and her boyfriend.  Yes, I lost a $10 payout a month using the modem but with the friendship gone now, I decided to forfeit the money and take it at a loss.  Still something about this boyfriend of RS’ scares me.  Do I have that right to be scared? 

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