Going To Church and Plan Today

Good morning! Today is going to be a busy day for me.  We had some snow last night and the property management has sent their snow plows and shovels out to clear out the parking lot and sidewalk around the building.  I will be going to church this morning at Woodland Church between Janesville and Milton with Pastor Van and CV.  We are having Sabbath School, Sermon, potluck, and do some Christmas caroling after lunch.  Then I will come home and have my shower, hopefully, and go out again to the Beloit SDA church to a Christian concert and the singer will be Steve Darmody.  If it gets too cold, Pastor Van and CV will not take me out tonight.  Things should be find this morning though.  I hope I can go tonight.  I like Steve Darmody and want to meet him.  I ought to be going and getting ready to watch for my ride and get to church.  God bless! 

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