Sometimes There Is A Bad Day

I think it is a good morning here in the Karnopp household of one person and a cat. I did not get 8 hours of sleep but enough to function. I believe a nap will take place this afternoon while watching TV or reading “The Clinic” by John Kellerman. I am still reading it and a few chapters away from finishing it and going to another book. Bing Crosby the cat and I snuggled all night in bed with some noise going on above me a little bit. Being in my bedroom last night was a good idea. I just wish RS would listen and abide by the rules and regulations of living here but she is not doing that. She is hanging herself and she is mad at me because I complained to the management about her and she got notices. The Christmas potluck on Tuesday I have cried a lot because of something being said to me right in front of other tenants that should have not been said. I understand some people will tell it like it is no matter where they are but not everyone can take it when it happens. I am one of those people. After that incident I went to the manager and told her to please get my pickles back because I am not going after all, but before 1 PM, the manager, after my pickles were brought back, convinced me to go to the potluck since she was going herself. It took a little convincing but I did go. The tenant who told me like it is came up to me and apologized for hurting my feelings. I did not enjoy myself as much as wanted but I was at a table with tenants I could talk to but there was one worker who works for another tenant and with RS was sitting at our table, and I am not comfortable with her now because of RS’ stories she told her but I did my best. I left an hour later and waited patiently for DB to come cook at 3 PM instead of today. I will be honest with you here. I now realize that I do not fit in in the same group anymore so I am going to back away for a while and stay close to home and do my own thing. I am not alone. I have my social media, my writing, journaling, reading, and favorite TV shows. Even right now I am waiting patiently for RK to arrive and help me with my showering and getting ready for my day. No major plans today since DB came and did food prep Tuesday afternoon. With the holiday coming this weekend I now have a couple of days to myself after my shower gal leaves today and tomorrow. Woo hoo! I need time for myself sometimes and I am finally getting some me time!

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