Not Afraid Anymore

After returning from the manager’s office I realized that I am not afraid anymore.  What my neighbor is doing is beyond mean and hatred in my way of thinking.  Of course I can understand that my neighbor is mad at me but every time she is talked to by the manager her behavior escalates to something worse beyond normal making my life a miserable and nervous wreck on purpose.  Now, that is where someone needs to draw the line and get to the bottom of this and make the neighbor listen.  I did nothing wrong with reporting the noise making after 11 PM and writing complaints against my neighbor even if it is her boyfriend making the noise.  Everyone in this building knows the rules and regulations of living in this building and what time the quiet hours are.  I cannot believe that my neighbor, who was one a friend I could trust, would have stooped so low to be so mean and malicious in getting back at me because of the written complaints against her.  Her boyfriend IS the reason WHY I could not go to my neighbor directly first about the noise after 11 PM.  It’s very sad and I have to do what I have to do to live a healthy and respectable life in an apartment complex with a lot of rules and regulations.  The manager told me that she will be talking to her boss about the situation and see what should be done about it.  Neither one of us want this to continue either.  I was told to continue logging any excessive noise from #213 after 11 PM.  I am not going to stop doing that because I have the right to have a peaceful night’s sleep in order to function through the day without getting tired because I am tired from not having enough sleep.

I am so happy that I am not friends with this neighbor anymore.  She has definitely shown her true colors with me as well as lied to me so many times during our friendship after speaking to a friend of ours in the building has told me what happens when my neighbor gets mad and upset and she is called on it.  Upon hearing that I have come to realize that going to the person you are having troubles with is not at all easy for me because of people can turn against you in a moments notice and believe me that would break my heart in pieces.  What my neighbor is doing is breaking my heart very much because I did want the friendship to continue even with her boyfriend but upon meeting the gentleman I have come to find he’s not a gentleman at all.  On Tuesday, December 20th, before the Christmas potluck dinner, I saw how angry my upstairs neighbor is at me for writing complaints against her and her looks could kill, and I saw a monster and not my neighbor’s face.  She has become a monster living here with the constant noise day and night.  She does not think that the rules of living here apply to her and she will have to pay for the consequences if her attitude and behavior continues, and she should blame herself and not me or anyone else.  Her boyfriend has been here a lot in the past two months now and has been told he cannot stay overnight for a while but still does.  I’ve even heard from my worker DB that she had heard from a tenant and my upstairs neighbor talking in the laundry room about my neighbor’s power chair wheel was broken and it is going to be fixed soon and I have tried to tell DB that the power chair noise is not what I am hearing, and I feel she did not believe me.  I feel bad about that and I wish for her not to come on Thursday to cook for me.  I am kind of mad at DB.  I will get over it before Thursday.  I usually do with DB.  I think that she has heard what my neighbor and another tenant wanted her to hear – a little lie of sorts.  My upstairs neighbor can be found in certain places of the building she rarely is seen by DB any other time.  This past Monday my upstairs neighbor and tenant were in the laundry room when DB went to get my clothes out of the dryer and folded.  My neighbor knows who my workers are and when they come.

When people do wrong consequences do take place.  That is happening right now.  I am not the one in trouble and things will be on the mend soon one way or another with my upstairs neighbor.  I just have to continue with logging any noise after 11 PM that is excessive and done on purpose.  She can blame me all she wants and continue her childish behavior all she wants.  She is going to get in big trouble.

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