The First Day of the New Year 2017

I want to say good evening.  It has been a fairly good day all day long.  I got ready for the New Year by creating a new diary on my laptop to get ready for another year no matter what goes on in my life this year in 2017.  I watched TV, took a nap (unexpected) of course while watching some new shows coming to ID (Investigative Discoveries) and some recored programming from last year yet to get watched and off my DVR (Digital Video Recorder), and now I have taken my evening medications and going to bed here in a few minutes.  The first day of the New Year was not boring or a long day but I can say that the first day of the New Year did seem like an ordinary day for me.  I got online to be on Facebook for a while to catch up on posts and play games, watched TV, had my 2 PM every other Sunday Shower with help from RK, took a nap, got a new 2017 diary set up on my laptop, and taking things off my laptop for use on another when i get a new laptop later this month, and since tomorrow is an observance of the New Year today, I will not get any services from IDS until Tuesday morning.  My Monday, Friday, and every other weekend shower gal MP has left Almost Family for another job she has been waiting for since 1999 or 2000 and she begins her new job on Tuesday.  I am without a shower gal for a little while again until a new one can be found for me.  I am not going to have BS come back here and AF is not either.  BS and I parted ways with discomfort among us both or mainly I was uncomfortable with her around.  So tomorrow I am going to take advantage of the day of observance and relax without any problems, hassles, and just be me.  This past Thursday morning while DB was here cooking and doing some rearranging/cleaning I took the time to rummage my messy desk’s desktop and recycle some papers and rearrange what I wanted kept and now I can see a desk that has been decluttered.  Right now I have my January med blister packs on my desk so tomorrow I will declutter the area my meds are and put them all back in my med box I have in my foyer of my apartment by the bathroom – if that is what we can call it, right – a foyer?  I guess I will.

Well, it is going on 8 PM Sunday night of the first day of the New Year and I am going to head to bed for the night.  I will be back tomorrow morning sometime doing what I love doing best.  I am going to say good night and God bless.  I hope all of my DD friends have a good evening.

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