Time To Write Today!

Okay, time has escaped me once again.  I was planning on writing more on Saturday and write an entry or two yesterday (Sunday) but it just did not happen.  I have some much to say but time seems to take me elsewhere sometimes and I can find that very frustrating when I do not have a whole lot of time to do much journaling or some type of writing.  There are moments in my mornings I would like to play games on Facebook or on my phone but writing seems to take priority over the game playing most of the time now.  I like to give myself at least an hour of “work time” on my computer every morning but that does not always happen much right now because I have so much to say and I do not find myself with a lot of time to write it in an hour.  I like to sleep in until 7:45 AM now (fifteen minutes before 8 AM medication time) and then I do not have any time to write my thoughts that seem to always be on the rampage to get out.  Time for me is crucial now. So…now after 3 PM on a Monday afternoon, with my shower, getting dressed for the day, grocery shopping, laundry and cleaning done, and no one here to bother me, I have time to write my thoughts down to get rid of some of the rampage on my mind without any more interruptions for a while – I hope.  I say this with a smile on my face.  More entries to come as the day comes and goes.  I think I am going to get some diary entries written – woo hoo!



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