Some People!

I do not know what to say or do to ease the feeling I have in my heart today.  I am only a tenant who lives in a building where noise carries from one end to the other and my neighbor above me has a boyfriend who walks heavily on the floor with or without shoes and his voice is so loud that I can sometimes make out a word or two in the conversation which only his portion of the conversation is heard.  The manager spoke to the neighbor about her boyfriend staying overnight and making noise after 11 PM again and the neighbor put two and two together and figured it out to be me complaining.  Now I feel so uncomfortable being anywhere near the group of tenants who do nothing more than gossip and talk about others behind their back.  The manager is not going to be in too much today because she has an apartment to clean (NMS’ old apartment), has to run errands out of the building for management.  I talked to her briefly on the phone about some things.  I am not impressed with the tenants who my neighbor hangs around with because of their gossip and spreading rumors and my neighbor lies through her teeth.  I do not care any longer if she is mad at me.  I do not want her to be a part of my life at all period and that does include in passing.  I may be alone with no friends in this building but I do have friends outside this building and I can focus on them knowing they are true friends.  The tenants here in the building are not friends nor trustworthy. I cannot even stand hearing some of voices of the tenants who my neighbor hangs around with on a daily/evening basis.  I just do not feel comfortable with the clique that has formed here at Burbank Plaza.  Trust is not there.

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