An Update and Shoutout to My Mom

Today is my mom’s 73rd birthday.  I cannot be with her right now because she is in NM and I am in WI.  Today marks my mom’s donated kidney 73 years old as well and I have had my transplanted kidney for 29 years as of March 12, 2017 – a little bit earlier this month.  I had gotten my kidney count labs back today and I shared my results with my parents in AR and with my mom a little bit ago and my mom is pleased as well as I am, and so is my dad’s wife is pleased at how things are going because I have Glomerulonephritis.  I will be very honest here, too.  Glomerulonephritis is a mouthful of syllables but since I have learned of the disease a year ago I have come to be able to say and spell the word fast and know what the disease is about.  The disease is under control at this point with medication but my kidney will eventually fail and I will have to be on dialysis once again.  I am prepared for my kidney to stop functioning to the point I will need to be on dialysis.  I have a fistula that has matured nicely and is still strong since I had it placed in my left arm on November 15, 2016.  It is not hard to believe that my kidney is still functioning that I do not need to be on dialysis yet but it is a little hard to believe that I am one of not many transplant patients who have had a transplanted kidney last as long as mine has.  I have heard of transplants lasting longer than mine this far but only a few cases.  Believe it or not I am not here disapproving God’s plan for me and what He wants me to do while I am still here on this earth He created for all of us before and after his beloved Son Jesus Christ.  I believe, even though Mom has gotten some very nice birthday gifts and wishes from friends and family, my mom’s gift from me today was telling her that my kidney still staying stable with Glomerulonephritis and my creatinine for the month is 2.6.  It has been that low for two to three months now.  I feel I am ending the month of March with some good news despite the fact that being in the midst of other private matters outside my kidney health.


Happy birthday to my Mom!



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