People Do Change

Things are going to change in three days for one individual.  An eviction case is set for Friday, April 21, 2017, and it is going to be determined when this individual will have to move.  I have been thinking about the good times I have had with this tenant who was a very good and trusting friend until recently and knowing why she is being evicted has caused heartache in my own life.  Remembering a blanket, she had given me one year that is based on true friendship once draped on my futon for everyone to see is now folded up in and put away in my bedroom closet.  When the trouble began last year before Christmas I do have to admit that seeing that blanket draped on my futon made me cry and want to cut it up out of anger and pain of friendship that no longer exists to this day.  Putting the blanket away was the best thing I could do for myself and I am planning on giving it to someone I can truly trust and believe would be a true friend forever and ever and not deceive me.

My neighbor has changed.  She is not the same person she was when I first met her in 2012.  She may have friends here at Burbank Plaza but no one likes her boyfriend except for two tenants who do like him.  He is nothing but a loud mouth, a smooth talker, a liar, he verbally abuses my neighbor, is loud day and night by moving, dragging, and dropping things.  Ever since this man has been in my neighbor’s life she has not followed the rules of living here and now that is going to change thanks to a judge’s ruling this Friday, April 21, 2017.  Seeing my neighbor change has made me so sick to my stomach that I cannot even look at her, talk to her, or be in the same room with her.  My anxiety has been through the roof and I live on the first floor and there are three floors of this building.  I would have to go through my unruly neighbor’s apartment and another tenant’s apartment to reach the roof of this building with some of the anxiety I have dealt with in the past several weeks.  The word “try” is a failure word so I rarely use it but “trying” to get 8 hours of sleep a night or more has not happened but six or seven times since October 2016.  I am so nervous to leave my apartment alone right now because I never know when I will run into my neighbor and her boyfriend or just her boyfriend.  Facing other tenants right now, except for three of them, has become a major challenge when alone.  It has been that bad for me even though I have a smile on my face and I am civil to others in passing.  I just wish that my neighbor would abide by the rules and what is going to happen would not have to be in place.  I guess some people change for the worst and this is what happened to my neighbor.

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