Another Day

I had an appointment today…I have another one tomorrow.  Anyway, my appointment today went well.  My kidney disease has not worsened yet.  My kidney counts are staying stable and I do not have to be on or start dialysis yet.  I do have to admit that it is possible my kidney will not reach March 12, 2018 but if I keep up with my regimen of meds and take care of myself like I have been, God is in control my health. I am allowing Him to take care of me.

I have not been sleeping well but I hope that sleep will return soon.  It is very hard for me to get a decent night’s sleep with the noise coming from the apartment above me.  Anyway, the manager and tenant will be going to court in the morning to have their case heard and this case will seal my neighbor’s fate for the duration of living here unless she is willing to not have her boyfriend here anymore period.  He is the root of all the trouble anyway.

I have to go for now.

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