Some Great Joy

As it turns out today has not been a bad day at all.  The manager went to court today regarding a neighbor who has been unruly and not abiding by the rules and regulations of living here but as the day progressed the hearing was postponed until Friday, April 28th.  The idiot of a boyfriend decided to show up to the hearing and later we learned that there was a warrant out for his arrest for something so when my neighbor and her boyfriend returned, the police were not too far behind me to take him to jail for his warrant.  I had learned this through a neighbor who witnessed the arrest and came to tell me.  I did not see the incident take place because I was holed up in my apartment waiting for my IDS person MM come to sign papers.  Believe me, if my bag of meds were confetti, I would have showered myself with it and instead threw the paper bag in the air with happiness and joy.  If my neighbor’s boyfriend comes back here, I do not know what will happen next but my neighbor’s fate is still up in the air.  I hope my neighbor gets rid of her boyfriend and can stay here or if she doesn’t I hope the judge is not lenient on her ruling of her eviction, and she has to move out quickly enough.  Her behavior has become more action than words can describe her right now.  She has really disappointed and has hurt me very badly.  I do not trust

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