A Weekend of Quiet?

I do have to admit that today was a good day.  I went to church in the morning and returned by 2 PM, had my shower around 5 PM this evening, and now I am looking forward to tomorrow even though I do not have any children.  Do cats count?  They are practically members of the family, or aren’t they?  Anyway, I have plans to call my mom tomorrow morning to wish a Happy Mother’s Day and chat with for a few minutes.  My mom lives out of state so we chat on special occasions and holidays and it so happens we chat on Sundays every week unless she is traveling with her husband somewhere for a week or two, or even a day.  My mom is a very special lady … to me anyway. I am sort of getting off track in my thoughts now anyway.  After my shower, I got ready for bed.  This is my first weekend in a long time where quietness has surrounded me now that there is no abnormal noise from upstairs in the apartment right above me.  I do wonder how my nights are going to be now that the tenant has been evicted and no longer here. The quietness is something I am going to have to relearn to enjoy again.

It is time for me to say good night.  I know I have been writing much but complaints and what has been happening at Burbank Plaza Apartments but I do believe that my mind and life could not have been able to focus on anything else outside the issue with my neighbor.  What I went through the past few weeks was nothing less than cruel and mean.  I saw the dark side of a neighbor I thought I would never see because I did not like her boyfriend and my gut instinct about him was spot on.  Now I do have to admit that my anxiety and panic disorder was reaching its limit and I felt I was missing something out of life … happiness no doubt.  We shall see now that this weekend is going to be played with one less tenant for a while.

I need to say good night now.  There is always tomorrow if God allows it.




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