A New Month And A New Beginning/Leaving It In God’s Hands

A New Month and a New Beginning/Leave It In God’s Hands


Every month I find something new just as much as a new beginning.  Where I live, we have new neighbors who have just moved in a few days ago and yesterday.  I do have to admit that I was a little worried about a new tenant moving in above me in #213 but I believe both of us have survived the first night separately just fine.  As I look at it, May 2017 is gone forever to never return again but through memories of a month spent and now June 2017 has arrived to play out its 30 days one way or another.  A new month and a new beginning is how I see it.

I do have to admit that this month is going to be the busiest month to start out my late Spring and early Summer out however it plays out.  I have a dentist appointment Tuesday, going to get a shot for my anemia (due to kidney disease), see some medical professionals to see if I am a good candidate for my 2nd kidney transplant, have an appointment with my CKD specialist to see how my kidney is holding out after twenty-nine years and three to four months since my 1st transplant, it is Bing Crosby the Cat’s 11th birthday month, and a 2nd cousin of mine (a favorite) is getting married the day after tomorrow on June 3rd, and I am no, I am not going, and tomorrow I am going to see my parents from AR who are visiting my sister in Milwaukee for part of the summer (our dad and her mother) for breakfast.  I am looking forward to it greatly but I do have to admit that I am a little nervous as well.  Today, this morning, I spent my late morning to lunch decluttering my computer desk, futon, and going through what to keep or not to keep (recycling some things), and then I had food prep, and my case worker from IDS come for me to sign papers for the week because she has Friday, June 2. 2017 off as a vacation day.  So … this is a new month with a new beginning.  What do you think?

As I sit here and remember what happened on the last day of May, I can say it went well.  I had gone to the hospital lab to get blood drawn for my renal panel counts, PTH (parathyroid hormone), hemoglobin and hematocrit.  I know the two words “hemoglobin and hematocrit are two big words but they are crucial for the professionals in the medical field to understand and know.  They are two very important factors to show if the kidneys in the body are working properly and after 29 years and (almost) four months, my transplanted kidney is not working properly and my blood counts are lower showing that I am anemic and need a little boost of energy that includes iron pills and shots that are easy on the bowels and syste/m.  This coming Wednesday, on the 7th, I will go into the doctor’s office to get an iron shot, which I call my bee sting of the month, to maintain the anemia that has improved from the past two months.  Even my creatinine (another big word for the professionals in the medical field) has been staying stable since February 2016 when I had learned of my CKD disease called Glomerulonephritis (another big word, yes).  My creatinine for the month of April was 2.9, and as of May 31st, my creatinine was 2.7.  I am not upset.  I was told of my stability from my kidney special this morning through the medical system online and saw my lab results this morning personally online and I am impressed on how God is working on my behalf during a transitional period of my life.  I can say that I am beginning a new month and a new beginning as well as allowing God to handle my medical and personal affairs as each minute passes by with or without fail.  Life without God is very hard.

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