My Night Closes

Ahhh, my night closes.  I am not going to have my computer in my bedroom tonight for the first time in a few weeks.  I will have to write about my day today another day.  I am an hour late with my evening medications and I am getting tired now.  Today, being Sabbath, I went to church, came home and relaxed watching documentaries on Netflix and began watching a movie titled The Disappointments Room.  I am going to have to watch it during the day because I hate the idea of having nightmares regarding thriller and horror flicks on my mind reaching my subconscious in dreams as i have enough dreams about attending school with former classmates and seeing former teachers again here and there and then they all disappear into the world around me never to be seen again.  I have enough dreams about stairs, schools, apartments, and churches.  I am going to say good night as my night closes yet another day.  I will be back another day.  Good night!

Author: ksmiley

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