The First Day of July Thoughts

Here I am, back again, to using Microsoft Office for Mac once again but that is okay.  Sometimes I want to change things up a bit when another program does not do a certain function another program does use.  Anyway, I am really off the subject of writing in my diary today just by writing the first two sentences already and I really want to stay on track right now.  Here I go…

I cannot believe that June 2017 is now gone and forever not to return except through memories of the month gone by.  I also cannot believe that we are already in the 7th month of the year and we have seen half of 2017 go as the days went from day to night into the next day to night until the months went through their course for the 2017 year.  We have, counting July yet since this is the first day of the month, six months of 2017 left.  Believe me when I say that a lot has happened this year from January to the present day today.  I will not rehash my months but I can say that I am still here and happy, and enjoying what I do most even though I do not do much socializing in the building anymore.  I am too busy to get involved in anything right now.  I must stay positive and get healthy for a second kidney transplant in my future sometime and I have had my fair share of chaos the past eight to nine months I have yet not forgotten – forgiven but not forgotten.

As July comes into play I should admit that on the 3rd is my 47th birthday.  No major plans for my birthday this year until later.  I am just going to go grocery shopping, get some cleaning done, and my two loads of laundry done for the week as usual since it is a “work” day for my DSP DB.  I will have my normal personal cares as well that morning but after DB leaves for the day, I am going to enjoy my birthday at home alone with Bing Crosby the Cat.  Now, I am getting two days ahead of myself.

The month of July has arrived with promising weather predictions pf rain and thunderstorms, Independence Day celebrations, and f course, more doctor appointments.  July will not leave without something happening every day.

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