July 5, 2017

It does not seem that the Fourth of July is now gone.  Neighbors nearby are still shooting off fireworks and doing their fun tonight. Honestly, I was about to join Bing Crosby the Cat under the futon if it did not stop by midnight.  A few fireworks sent my heart running a race of its life.  There should be a noise ordinance after 10:30 PM for fireworks being done at home in the city.  On the 4th, a couple of loud fireworks sent my cat Bing to the living room underneath the futon until it was over and I decided to sit out in the living room with him until it was over.  Then, tonight, it happened again and I was almost sent under the futon myself.

Today was one of those days I was not too sure how it was going to go.  I had to play along with my day and believe it or not I was on the moody side again today all day long.  I am getting sick and tired of my moody days, too. They are no fun and I am not good company for my personal cares worker or my IDS worker when I am in a moody state of mind.  What is wrong with me?  Did my birthday set off something unpleasant in my mind that I have not let go or am I just moody because of my anti-rejection medication?  I have no idea and I am not going to fight it.  I am just going to play what mood comes.  Maybe I am just a little upset from the fireworks the neighbors are throwing off the past couple of evenings.

Are You Scared Yet?

For the past couple of days now I have been reading the book titled “The Circle”.  When I read, it is very hard for me to put a book down to get to other things sometimes and the book so far is good enough for me.  I’ve seen the movie a few weeks back and I thought it was good as well despite the reviews said.  I guess what I am trying to say at best is that the movie “The Circle” is an individual opinion if you like that sort of thing, and in honesty, the government has a locked room or vault of information about all of us already.  The internet holds no secrets from anyone anywhere in the world today nor has there ever been secrets.  We should be very careful with what we say or do on the internet.  That is what “The Circle” tells me. The idea of it intriguing people to know everything about everyone/everything surprises me but it’s out there unfortunately.  The World Wide Web is a scary place if you do not know what you are looking for or doing.  What secrets have I had shared out there that have been made public is beyond what I can count now after seeing “The Circle” movie.  Even though the story is based on fiction, how real it is if you think about it long enough.  Are you scared, yet?

Good Night Wishes

I believe the end of the fireworks in the neighborhood are done for the night.  I am going to say good night and wish everyone a good night as well.  It has been a very good day despite my moodiness.  Tomorrow is another day

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