My Friday Thoughts

Another day has come and gone so quickly.  Where does the time go?  I did have my personal cares this afternoon around 3 PM to 4 PM and because of the time change for my care has changed during the week Tuesday through Friday to 3 PM.  Please excuse me as I am getting a little ahead of myself right now.  I just want to get my day in before bed if possible.  I did not spend the day just waiting for my personal cares worker to come all day.  I did have company over for an hour or so.  The person I had over was MM from IDS who comes every Friday for me to sign some papers for the week for IRIS.

Today was a very good day and I will not argue about how well my week went.  I am indeed looking forward to the weekend of church, relaxation, reading, watching recorded TV movies.  All week this week the Twilight Saga was on and I have plans on watching the Twilight Saga Sunday once I got myself going for the day.  I am just looking forward to a nice weekend all around.

I have no plans on staying up late tonight because I have church in the morning and I love going to church.  I dislike not having enough rest and feeling tired at church when I am doing my best at understanding the Sabbath School lesson among other members and hearing the sermon of the week.  I will not argue about how my day has gone.  The weekend will begin once the sun goes down for the night and Sabbath has finally arrive.  I am going to say “have a good evening”.  I will be back again.

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