One of Those NOT so Good Days


My heart is aching very badly this evening.  My house ended up being one of those filled with people.  My cooking has been cancelled and I won’t see DB until Monday now.  My IDS support MM and her boss, the executive director of IDS came to see me for a few minutes to tell me some bad news.  Yes, bad news indeed this morning at 10:30 AM.  My personal cares were moved to 10:30 AM this morning right along with cooking with DB, and then my IDS support and her boss was going to be here at the same time.  UUGGHH…I had forgotten, with the chaos of the past two days (yesterday and now today) I was wondering what was going to happen to get the snowball rolling, that with being on MA status, two different entities (companies) cannot be here at the same time, and today was just a real messed up day.  I will be okay, though.  I can get through this.

I am NOT going to stop praying for RS and her idiot boyfriend even though I have nothing to do with them any longer.  Along with finding out that IDS is closing its doors on September 28th today I also learned that RS is with her idiot boyfriend in town in the stupid truck.  Has RS been lying to all her friends here at Burbank Plaza all these weeks she has been gone from here?  I have no idea since I do not talk to other tenants about RS anymore.  I do not want to hear about RS anymore either.  My personal cares worker just happened to see DB and saw RS with him in the passenger side of the truck.  Is he supposed to be driving that truck?  I do not think he has a license.  Hearing about RS today after finding out about IDS closing does not make me very happy but I will not stop praying for her welfare spiritually and health.

I know September is 2 months away but I do know that my heart aches.  I have talked to DB (my IDS Direct Support Professional) this evening before 8 PM because I was still upset with this morning’s bad/sad news but before DB had signed off with me she told me she had a plan and everything was going to be okay.  I asked her to tell me in hopes that she can put some happiness into my sadness so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  More details about DB’s plans tomorrow.  I am getting ready to go to bed shortly.  It has been an emotional, confusing day today.

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