Making It A Stress-Free Week

I have vowed to not have any stress this week and it is working.  I know that July 31, 2o17 started the week and today is Wednesday (the middle of the “work” week, and I do not have anything to complain about.  I only have $3.66 left to my name in my checking account right now but that’ll change after midnight tonight.  I went to Woodman’s on Monday, July 31, 2017, and got only two things, and Woodman’s on the other side of town.  It was an awesome ride to and from the store just for two items.  No major complaints, though.  I know I am not the only one on a fixed income and having no money at the end of the month, so I am not going to openly complain about having no money left over today.  I do what I can with limited income as long as I can pay my bills after money gets deposited each month, and I will live within my means.  I also want to make sure I have tithe to give to God at church once a month as well.  I am going to allow my week to be stress-free, worry-free, and anxiety/depression-free.  Yep, no complaints here this week.  I will deal with what is dealt to me without worrying so much.

I do have to admit that today has been a good day.  With my personal cares done and out of the way, and time has changed once again, and I have another worker from Santee Home Health Care coming in on Sundays now so DK can have a day off from work, and I do like E very much as well.  I am getting a little ahead of myself here but E’s first Sunday was the other day.  I am very happy that I have the rest of the day to myself and Bing Crosby the Cat now.

Despite the fact that I said I am going to have a stress-free, worry-free, anxiety/depression-free week, my mind goes to RS who no longer lives here because her idiotic boyfriend got her evicted as well as she did not abide the rules 0f living here for weeks.  I will not stop praying for her but I have stopped helping her and by golly she is back in town with her boyfriend living in a truck anywhere the truck can be parked for so long and they are moving on to another spot until they get booted out.  I guess that is what homeless people do and RS chooses to be with her boyfriend who is homeless and now RS and her dog is homeless, too.  If only she abided the rules she would still be living here and not be homeless.  I cannot sit here and be angry at her anymore with what she has done to me because I have owned up to my end of living here in peace when she has chosen not to herself.  I have indeed learned that karma can bite you in the behind when it is deserved.  What goes around comes around, and this exactly believed what has happened to RS.  I have heard RS’ boyfriend yelling at her that she has no friends here anymore through his fits of anger and verbal abuse, but I do not believe that is true.  Yes, I am no longer friends with her and yes, I have heard other tenants say they were done with her as well, and I do live in apartment building with people who love drama and will keep the fire burning or at least an ember of light going at all times.   Drama is not my cup of tea.  I keep to myself all the time now.  I have DB from IDS coming in on Mondays and Thursdays, I have my personal cares workers DK and E coming in daily, I have appointments from time to time during the week I go to, I always have Bing Crosby the Cat with me, I go to church every Saturday morning, and I do not live a dull or boring life.  If I get bored from time to time, it’s my fault.  I enjoy getting online daily with my social media sites, I have my phone, I play games, watch TV, read, write, nap when I feel the need or just fall asleep, and I talk to my mom every Sunday sometime during the day.  It is not that I do not have visitors coming and going from here, I just do not have other tenants coming to visit me anymore. I do have family who come and see me when they come into town from out of state.  I just do not want to have the drama sparking in my apartment any more than the next person.  I know that living in an apartment complex is like Melrose Place, Payton Place, and drama, rumors, and gossip fly about, but we are the choosers of such if we do.  I still worry about RS to some extent.  I just wish she would make wiser choices in life right now.  I still have compassion for people as a whole.

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