Life At Burbank Plaza Now

Since June 2017 I have really enjoyed the normal living noises of my new upstairs neighbor.  The six months of noise and arguments have dissipated into the past where it should be even though the memory of what happened still lingers.

Life at Burbank Plaza has changed a little bit.  I do not go out of my way to visit neighbors anymore, go to activities in the community room, or plan any outings with other tenants.  I keep to myself most of the time even though while my neighbor CD was out of town I took care of her cat.  I did visit her next-door neighbor a few times while passing by.  It was not out of my way.  I do see my next-door neighbor in the community room from time to time and I will say hi to him.  What happened from October 2016 to May 10, 2017 has changed my life and trust in others who live at Burbank Plaza Apartments.  I keep to myself every day now except for going to church, necessary appointments, grocery shopping, and Bible study will resume September 13, 2017.  It is not that I do not get out and do things…I do it with others outside the building now.  I do not even go to the activities and potlucks here anymore either.

I guess…

No matter what apartment building I live in there’s going to be rumors and gossip running amok.  I have heard my share of it today and when I did hang around other tenants in the community room before dealing with RS for six months.  Some days I wish I had my own home but that is not even possible for me.  Apartment living is cheaper and in my case, getting involved with other tenants is done carefully and my trust in people have been knocked down a peg or two as well.



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