Independence in the Works

Oh where, oh where has September gone?  It flew right on by!   I think days go by faster when you get older and when something is going to change once change is accepted by the individual who is living his/her life the best he/she can from one day to the next.

I spent the entire weekend at home.  I did not go to church Saturday morning for the first time in a long time and the day went somewhat quickly since I slept a little bit in the morning after waking up for a while between 7:50 AM – 1:21 PM.  I ended up taking a nap for one hour and seven minutes in the afternoon from 1:22 pm – 2:34 PM while watching Diagnosis Murder or a recorded program on my DVR box.  I did not go to church yesterday because I noticed that my body was not cooperating with me or I was fighting to make my muscles work when they did not want to.  Taking this weekend to rest and relax was something I did not plan but it was necessary.  Today was one of those days where I slept from 11:20 PM Saturday night to 5:14 AM then again from 6:50 AM – 7:56 AM, then from 9:04 to 11:23 AM.  Good no, afternoon nap needed.  It has been a lazy weekend for me.

The weekend has been good.  I believe I am recharged now.  We shall wait and see.

Now, with October 2017 here, I do have to say that I am dealing with some changes that have occurred after Friday.  IDS (Independent Disabilities Services) is closed now and I just have IRIS to work with as far as support.  My IDS worker DB we used DSP (Direct Support Professional) is still working with me because I have hired her to continue to work with me.  DB has been with me for two years now when she began working with me when she began working for IDS and she has gotten to know my schedule, needs, quirks, habits, and ideas and wanted to continue working with me when at first I wanted to dissolve all relationships from IDS entirely BUT when she had come up with an idea I had decided to go with it.  If I dissolved all my relationships with IDS entirely, I would have had to hire a total stranger who did not know my schedule, habits, and other stuff about me, I would be lost in a world of confusion.  With DB, I will not be confused or lost.

Starting this coming week begins a new independence for me and many other former clients of IDS.

I will continue to write more as my new independence continues to unfold while I continue to deal with the change.

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