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Remember when I talked about independence a little bit on November 15, 2017?  Today, I am talking a little bit about independence once again.  Independence is a wonderful thing.  After my first few months of independence, I got to understand that being on my own had its perks along with its pros and cons.  I remember at age 15 where I wanted to be on my own and away from my parents, and then four years later, six months after I graduated from high school, I had the opportunity to be on my own and I was a little scared about it for the first few months.  Twenty-eight years after my first few months of being independent has become a great pleasure for me.  Ever since I have been on my own I have lived in four different places and Burbank Plaza has been my home since March 1998.  I have lived in the same building for 19 years now in two different apartments.  I did move from 308 to 110 in October 2007 once it became available after a tenant moved out.  Being here since 2009 has been a great pleasure.

As a woman with independence mastered to her age group the best she can I have to admit that seeing one building change from one name to another has been a great pleasure and blessing as well.  Burbank Plaza Apartment Complex was once known as Teamster Manor.  The name “Teamster Manor” reminded me of a name for a nursing home and this place is NOT a nursing home although some of the tenants thought it should have been once young adults with disabilities were able to move into the building to get some of the apartments filled.  I have heard the gossip throughout the years about having young adults move in here and some of the tenants did not welcome a tenant in here with open arms or kindness.  I have seen it firsthand.

Now, since 2009, some things have definitely changed as I grew more independently and lived on the first floor.  It felt good being on the first floor away from the drama that was happening.  I have met some good tenants and I felt more willing and able to get out of the apartment building when I could until my circumstances of walking had changed to walking with a cane in 2006 and now with a walker since 2011.  It was a big change for a while and I felt that my independence was being taken away from me.  Today, in 2017, I have learned that my independence is still the same despite my handicap being a little more noticeable after my first 33 years of walking.  I am glad I am on the first floor now.

Independence is a wonderful thing.  Parents can come and visit you when they come into town from out of town.  I enjoy that a lot.  Traveling for me has not happened to me since 2010 when I last visited my mom and her husband (my stepfather) but I do not mind it at all.

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