Not Denying Anything

I do have to admit that the past couple of days I have been feeling a little blue and down.  I am not denying anything about my emotions being a little off this time of year.  With Thanksgiving now past, Christmas is just around the corner now.  I know we have to finish November yet but only two more days before November 30, 2017.  Where has this year gone?  It has gone by very quickly.  Before we know it, it is going to be December 1, 2017, and Christmas will be our next holiday.  I have been melancholy for a few days now and it is not very comforting.  I have an appointment set up for Bing Crosby the Cat to get his yearly vaccinations and his right eye checked.  I will find out what is happening with that Thursday. Thursday could come any sooner (anxiety rising).  I am a little worried about Bing’s right eye.  My anxiety demon is playing its card in my life right now.  I will not deny anything when I am being provoked with anxiety at any given time of my life.  I will get through this.  I always do.


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