Thoughts About Yesterday

Let’s face it, November went by very quickly.  I can vouch for time moving quickly in November.  Now, with Thanksgiving out of the way, company came yesterday to deliver my new chair which is one of my Christmas presents from Dad and his wife.  My recliner is no longer here.  My dad got a couple of guys (who were trimming the trees this morning when they arrived) to take the recliner away for their own use in the workshop.  I really have no idea what really happened to the recliner after it left my apartment but one of the men did say that they would use it in the workshop.  My recliner is no longer mine.  Now, with December in tow here, I have to admit that now Christmas is the next holiday.  Please forgive me for being on a rant regarding my recliner and new chair.  It is only a day old in my home.  I fell asleep in it.  It is a very nice chair.  I love it very much.


I do have a lot to say but the time is getting late.  I have to run for now, okay?  It is time for bed.

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