The First Day of 2018

Here I am!  I am not going to argue about the time I do not have to write in my journal anymore.  If I do not write every day, I won’t complain and move on with my life into the next if God allows.  Writing in a journal is something I do or do not do … making time for it is going to happen from this day forward.  I may write or I may not.  I am not going to complain.

The title being “The First Day of 2018 does not hold any real significance here except that 2017 is now gone forever except through memories of the heart, mind, soul, pictures, and words.  No, I did not celebrate New Year’s this year.  To be very honest, I haven’t celebrated New Years for a few years now.  It is not that I am not into that sort of thing, it’s harder to stay up past 9 PM most nights now.   My thoughts about celebrating New Years are not that no one should celebrate something special and big as a new year coming into play, I just do not find being in crowds pleasurable anymore.  I’d rather sit at home, watch TV, read a good book, snuggle up with my cat Bing Crosby, have a friend over to watch a movie or something, but I’d prefer to have time for myself.

I do not believe in making New Year resolutions.  I believe in making plans and sticking with them from day to day that includes good health choices, staying on top of my kidney disease and medical needs, and getting through one day at a time no matter the season or day it is.  I do believe that making New Year resolutions will end up being broken later in the first month of the New Year — like a promise being broken and hurting someone in the process, and I will not make any promises unless I can keep them.

I have been reflecting on my 2017 year today as well as keeping up with a new plan I do planning on keeping day to day.  I started that new plan yesterday, December 31, 2017, and so far, it feels really good to have a schedule in mind.  What is she talking about?  I am glad you asked that question…thought of it anyway.  I take time for God every morning before my personal cares worker DK gets here, do some devotional readings throughout the day, and this year I have begun reading a series of books written by a Seventh-day Adventist/author named Ellen G. White. You can find information about her at any time and every day.  I am reading the first book of the Great Conflict of Ages series: “Patriarchs and Prophets”. I am going to be reading what chapter is scheduled for that day sometime in the afternoon.  I do love God for everything He has done for me as well as what He will do for me, but my study habits and time with God is not desirable in His standards — my thinking anyway.  I NEED to take time for God daily from this day forward and that is exactly what I am going to do.  How else am I going to learn to be the best Christian out there?  I am a work in progress.

As my day continues into evening and time to relax, and be comfortable for retiring to bed for the night, I do have to admit that today has been a very good day for the first day of 2018.  I do not feel stressed, anxious, or overthinking anything, or worried.  It feels good to be relaxed, limber as I can be with cerebral palsy (CP), strong, and independent.  It may be very cold outside right this minute because we are in our winter season in good ol’ Wisconsin, but I am warm enough in my apartment right now.  I have had to workers come into my home today looking like they came in from the arctic the way they were dressed this morning.  I felt for them.  I have been out in real cold temperatures traipsing to school this time of year from kindergarten to 12th grade of high school, and some college courses at our nearby 2-year college.  Today, I am not so brave or daring.

It is time for me to stop journaling.  I need to sit back and relax a bit.  With my schedule in the works now, I haven’t had the time to read a book for pleasure outside “Patriarchs and Prophets” this afternoon, and I have some thoughts about the first chapter I have read yet to do before I get ready for bed as well.  I wish, like everyone else, that there was more time in the day to do everything that needs to be done or wanted to get done, but that is only a wish that is indeed unrealistic.  God has given us enough time in a day to get things done for six days a week, and then on the seventh day of the week, He wants to rest and remember Him, relax and do nothing that is considered work unless you are in the medical field or missionary helping people out.

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