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January is now gone forever except through memories.  February has now come to play out for 28 days…and here I am writing my first entry of the month with gusto a little early because I have come to like my afternoons free to read a good book, watch a little bit of TV, and give Bing Crosby his time with his Mom…meaning with me.  I get up early enough to take time to get some things done before I get ready for my day after personal cares, and of course, on Mondays and Thursdays I have an IRIS worker – DB – come to help with cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping, and food/meal prep.  I have another IRIS worker – DK – who is also my personal cares confidante.  I am sitting here, on a Thursday morning, before DB gets here to just help around a little bit since grocery shopping has been unnecessary the past three weeks due to funds and I had plenty of food to eat from Meal Magic I get once a month every second Saturday.  Grocery shopping can be put on hold a couple of times a month now unless I really need something that is necessary outside of food.


I am looking forward to the weekend.  I am not 100% sure if I will go to church Saturday morning because of the cold weather we are expecting over the weekend with snow, but I will not allow Satan to override my want to go.  I love Sabbath school, song service, mission story, and worship service.  I have already have been unable to go to church twice this year…yes, I do count how many times I do not attend church unless my rides say it is best I stay home where it is warmer and safer during the winter months.  I am so glad Spring is coming soon.  I believe I can handle six more weeks of winter as cold as it is going to get this weekend.  We have had a strange Winter season this time around.

From this day forward, I am going to do my very best at writing in my diary every day but promising no one…even myself as promises can be made and then broken breaking the hearts of those I have promised.  No promises are being made here today.  I have made promises in the past and have broken them hurting those I have promised.  I have learned from my maternal grandma that taught me not to make any promises that cannot be kept and as I got older, I have learned how broken promises can hurt and can, will, detach friendships, and trust is misplaced.  Oh…believe me…I have been promised and got my heart broken and my hopes dashed, and trust has been misplaced between friends…those I was friends with throughout the years.  We learn as we get older, wiser, senile and very forgetful.

Speaking of trust being misplaced…where I live today there are only four people I can trust in the building when it comes to taking care of Bing Crosby the Cat.  With all the apartments filled – forty-nine tenant apartments and one onsite manager apartment – I trust only four people?  Yes, I do.  I rarely go out to visit tenants anymore, but I will on occasion especially when I am coming and going from my apartment.  No one needs to know unless they ask kindly and do not fringe on my personal life I do not want to share.  Most of the tenants here are Democrats and I will not deny the fact that I am a Republican.  What President Trump has done for all of us in the past year since his elected appointment as President of the United States – POTUS – he has done a lot of good for everyone no matter if you are not a Republican.  I know talking about politics, religion, sex/sex orientation, and religion are very hard to talk about, but I am proud to be very person I am meant to be because God has gotten me this far because of my faith and beliefs.  I have been keeping up with politics this time around and feel comfortable with who I am!  If I do not understand what is happening, I know the right people to go to…as long as it is not a Democrat.

Okay, I have to go for now.

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