Not My Best Day Apparently

Oh… my goodness gracious!  Today was not one of my best days apparently.  I am not happy with DB right now.  I was thinking about giving her one more chance to be my IRIS worker, but what was said today out of her mouth has blown that one last chance.  I cannot have her here anymore but now I have to let her know this.  I am not very good at expressing myself verbally.  The way she talked to me by comparing me with her other clients, not dieting and losing weight like I once was, not putting groceries away instead of putting them on the kitchen table, and then I asked her if this wanted to be her last week, and. Her reply was I am the one who will be giving you notice.  By the sound of it, she was giving ne notice, and so tomorrow I will let her go the way I know how.


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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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