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I cannot believe that this is Friday already.  It is amazing how fast the week went.  In fact, this is the first week I have been busy in a long time.  I got out of my apartment on Tuesday and Thursday, and I could not. Have asked for more about how this week went.   Now, tomorrow, the seventh day of the week being Saturday, the weekend has finally arrived without dread during the week to want the weekend to come any sooner than it did.  Yes, in the past I have had awakened from sleep dreading a day or two out of the week and wanting the weekend to be here sooner than time allowed each passing day.  I have not had any days of dread since February 27, 2018, when I had let go of my worker DB and hired DKF to take over the entire week once I got IRIS 100%.  I have had plenty of time to think of the goals I need to, want to, and plan to make.  I am already working on losing weight again and last Friday I was 226 and this week I am 224.  Yes, I have some weight that needs to come off, so I can be healthy and able to have a kidney transplant when I need one in the future because my transplanted kidney after 30 years is in its final stage of function.  Now I know that Jesus’ return is coming soon, and I may not have the opportunity to have another transplant because God has a plan for me, but I have this hope that I will have a second transplant.  I have so much to be thankful to God for as well as feeling blessed.  May God direct your every move from this day forward, too.

I have to end my diary entry now because it is getting late, and I have to get up early to get ready for church in the morning, and my body functions on 7 to 10 hours of sleep with respect to my mind.  The weekend is now here and I am going to enjoy it knowing those who are loved by me and who love me, and knowing God’s son Jesus is the reason why I am here today.

I do have to admit that I have a lot to say, share, and write, but time is now for me to say good night and God bless.  I will return tomorrow when I get home from church or later in the evening after personal cares, and it is time for me to relax.

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I feel I am back to journaling once again.
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